Governance at Bishop Rawle

Bishop Rawle has an Interim Executive Board (IEB) consisting of 5 people + 2 local people who are shadowing to enable transition to more formal governance when the IEB is disbanded.  The IEB is made up of experienced Educational professionals and their remit is to rapidly improve Bishop Rawle in response to their Special Measures judgement until Academisation.

The Interim Executive Board is comprised of the following:

Chair:                                       Ven. John Hall

 Vice Chair:                               Mrs Liz Clarke (JP and former principal of St Edward’s

                                                SE(A) Academy in Leek.

 Local Authority Member:         Tim Moss (County Commissioner for School Quality

                                                Assurance and Intervention)

Diocesan Member:                    Mrs Claire Shaw (Deputy Director of Education)

 Shadow Members:                    Mr Ben Fabi (parent)

                                                Rev. James Rosie (Rector at St Giles the Abbott)


Minutes from 25th February 2016,  Minutes from 4th February 2016,

Minutes from 14th January 2016Minutes from 3rd December 2015,

Minutes from 19th November 2015, Minutes from 5th November 2015,

Minutes from 15th October 2015, Minutes from 16th September 2015